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The ASV software suite

ASV: an innovative software suite to automate maritime video surveillance

AUTOMATIC SEA VISION® (ASV) answers the needs of an automatic maritime video surveillance through the use

Using a network of infrared or visible cameras, ASV provides security for your ships, installations, platforms or infrastructures by:

  • extending the capabilities of visual watch to address maritime risks at sea (piracy, trafficking, immigration, etc.) or those originating from the sea (malicious acts, intrusion, etc.);
  • providing greater nautical safety (prevention of navigational accidents, protection of human lives);
  • improving the effectiveness of nautical watch through automation and high-performance solutions.

A modular software suite

The ASV software suite is composed of DET, SERVO and ARGUS independent modules meeting the following requirements:

  • automatic detection and tracking of all surface  targets existing within a nautical environment;
  • control and command of a pan-tilt-zoom camera, enabling scanning of a sector and facilitating identification of the targets detected;
  • display video and information using a simple user interface and management of alerts;
  • control and command of a non-lethal effector (spotlight, acoustic device, laser, water cannon, etc.) enabling immediate implementation of an appropriate response;
  • interface with the ship’s navigational data;
  • data recording and replay;
  • development of new capabilities on the basis of the requirements stated by the customer.

Innovative technological principles for an intelligent camera

The principle behind the automatic detection systems offered by ASV is based on unique image analysis technology specific to the marine environment that answers the following fundamental question: what in this image is not water?

The ASV video analytics technology allows to make a network of cameras  both autonomous  and intelligent:

  • Autonomous : use of cameras without the need for an operator in front of  the surveillance screen;
  • Intelligent: watch, detection and tracking of all objects seen by the camera and distribution of relevant data to the supervision system for management of alarms.

With the ASV software, the network of cameras becomes a new sensor that is capable,  like a radar system, to deliver an automatic indication that something is present within the area being observed, enriched with information enabling its characterisation.

This intelligent camera makes it possible to analyse the complete maritime image and provide the pertinent data, which are invisible to the other sensors, such as:

  • very small targets
  • objects that do not reflect radar waves
  • mobile objects without AIS transmitters.

Multiple applications in maritime, river and aquatic environments

The scope of application of the ASV software is vast and covers all surveillance, safety and security requirements at sea, on land and in offshore environments.

Ease of integration

The ASV software modules can be integrated easily in the form of servers or software libraries. They make it possible for any integrator to improve the performance of a video protection solution through the use of a completely new video analytics function for maritime environments.

Strong points:

  • ASV is the only software that uses a video analysis algorithm 100% dedicated to the marine environment
  • The camera is now a stand-alone, intelligent component, complementing existing surveillance systems
  • Increased watch effectiveness without the need for additional manual input
  • Multiple surveillance applications in maritime and river environments, on-board, on shore and offshore

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