Smart Vision at Sea


ASV-SERVO module

Command and control of cameras

The ASV-SERVO software module has been developed to provide, after the initial detection,  an instantaneous ability to identify targets and a first-level, non-lethal response capability.

ASV-SERVO provides the following:

  • Control and command of a pan-tilt-zoom camera to provide the operator with an image, enabling rapid identification of the detected object;
  • Control and command of a non-lethal effector (spotlight, acoustic device, water cannon, laser, etc.) to provide an immediate and automated first response following detection of an incident.

The ASV-SERVO module uses all types of tracks that has a standardised information of positioning. It is therefore able to use track information coming from the ASV-DET module, an ARPA radar, AIS (Automatic Information System) equipment, a sonar or direct input by an operator. To perform control and command of pan-tilt-zoom cameras or non-lethal effectors, it requests  information from the manufacturer available from the interface control documents (ICD) for each equipment item.

ASV-SERVO is a valuable supplement to the ASV-DET module, but can also be used on a stand-alone basis to control cameras and to manage first-level response systems.

The principal functionalities of ASV-SERVO

  • Control and command of one or several  pan-tilt-zoom camera(s):
    1. In elevation and azimuth
    2. In the available video field (Day/IR) and zoom factor
  • Control and command of one or more effectors with motion capability:
    1. In elevation and azimuth
    2. In operating mode and stop/start
  • Control of the movements of a PTZ camera
    1. according to scanning criteria
    2. according to stop/stare criteria
  • Automatic handover during target tracking using  multi-cameras or multi-effectors configuration
  • Operates with all types of PTZ cameras
  • Operates with all types of effectors that can be controlled by a standard protocol.

Strong points:

  • Facilitates identification of objects detected using any PTZ camera
  • Provides an immediate response capability using a non-lethal effector
  • Automated or manual user mode, intelligent handover

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