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ASV-DET module

A module dedicated to automatic detection

Video analysis software have existed for several years and generally target land-based applications. They use simple  processing techniques based on comparison of images or recognition of shapes in a fixed environment.

The sea is in constant motion, and techniques used in land-based applications therefore do not work. They create multiple, continuous, false detections or mask small objects and far-off targets that are often critical.

Result of eight years of research and development, ASV-DET is the software dedicated to automatic detection. It is based on a video analytics technology that takes into consideration the complexity of the marine environment. Indeed it provides an innovative solution to the complex problem of detecting a moving or fixed object (target) from a mobile platform (ship) in an environment in motion (sea).

Designed and developed by our teams, this new patented algorithmic approach reproduces the behaviour of the human eye strongly attracted by distinctive  features present in a uniform landscape. It is based on a characterisation of the marine environment so that anomalies (objects to be detected) can be extracted.

The principal functionalities of the ASV-DET module

  • Automatic detection and real-time tracking in each of the images provided
  • Management of image flows from 0.5 Hz to 30 Hz
  • Analysis of all types of images: thermal, infrared or visible imagery
  • Compatibility with all types of cameras (fixed, PTZ, panoramic)
  • Detection and tracking of objects:
    1. of very small size (from 2 pixels)
    2. up to sea state 5
    3. irrespectively  of their shape and behaviour
    4. regardless of their kinematic behaviour (immobile, low speed or high speed (> 35 knots)
  • Detection and tracking of up to several dozen objects (performance limited solely by the power of the processor associated with the software), with the ability to discriminate among various types of objects detected.

Strong points:

  • Unique technology for detection in maritime environments
  • Automatic detection from 2 pixels
  • Camera ‘agnostic’, can be used with any type of IR or visible camera

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