Smart Vision at Sea


ASV-ARGUS module

A user interface and alarm manager

The ASV-ARGUS module has been developed to provide a synthetic vision of :

  • The Video feeds from cameras
  • All the information from the ASV-DET detection module
  • All the information from the ASV-SERVO control and command module
  • The management of the alerts that are essential for securing a zone on a maritime surveillance system

ASV-ARGUS provides a user-friendly graphical interface that is easy to use and can be set according to user requirements.

The operator has access to all of the necessary information to understand its surrounding maritime environment.

The main functionalities of ASV-ARGUS

  • Display of video feed in real time from one or more cameras
  • Presentation of track information on positioning, kinematic and characterisation in addition to target detection gained through ASV-DET module
  • Management and setting of parameters for triggering alerts
  • Implementation of effectors
  • Distribution of the information to external systems

Strong points:

  • Direct and immediate display of video feeds
  • Simple, user-friendly interface
  • Management of alerts

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