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A large number of markets need today a reliable, effective maritime surveillance system. ASV modules provide an essential additional component making it possible to address the limitations of current systems, and can be integrated into a vision, surveillance or security system to support the following types of users:


Navy, coastguard, police, customs, maritime and river authorities


Shipowners, specialised ships, cruise lines, tugs, response vessels


Offshore platforms, wind farms, FPSO, FLNG

Ports and sensitive infrastructures

Harbour masters’ offices, terminals, anchorage areas, protected zones

Pleasure and recreation

Yachts, mega-yachts, marinas, beaches, hotels and resorts

Sustainable development

Scientists (marine life), protected marine areas


ASV software modules make it possible to address a very large number of maritime surveillance requirements in civilian, military, scientific and recreational markets.

Coastal surveillance and monitoring of maritime or river approaches

  • Detection of sea targets as part of activities intended to prevent clandestine immigration, trafficking and smuggling.

Protection of ports and critical infrastructures

  • Surveillance of the nautical perimeter for critical installations such as airports, nuclear power plants, oil/container terminals, etc.
  • Prevention of intrusion and malicious acts

Maritime and river security

  • Detection of short- or medium-range sea targets as part of activities intended to prevent piracy, terrorism, clandestine immigration, trafficking, smuggling, etc.

Maritime and river safety

  • Collision prevention
  • Detection of man overboard
  • Searches for semi-submerged objects, mines, buoys, hazards, etc.

Surveillance of offshore platforms

  • Enforcement of exclusion zones around platforms

Surveillance of marinas, beaches and bathing and aquatic areas

Search and detection of marine mammals appearing on the surface of the water

Search and detection of icebergs and growlers

Please ask for more information if you think that ASV could provide a solution to meet your needs.

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