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Trophées de la Sécurité 2015: ASV awarded the silver medal!

Trophées de la Sécurité 2015:

ASV award-winning for ASV DET, its intrusion prevention solution for critical infrastructure with their coastline.

During the ceremony les Trophées de la Sécurité, ASV was awarded the silver medal, category "intelligent automatic detection system" for ASV DET, innovative intrusion prevention solution for critical infrastructures with their coastline. If many critical infrastructures are installed along the water (river, lake, sea,...), most of them have no dedicated protection on this liquid periphery, thereby presenting a security flaw that may prove decisive for the continuity of the activity.

ASV DET is an amazing VCA (Video Content Analysis) solution, which analyzes images from the cameras positioned at the edge of water areas to distinguish both fixed and moving objects at the water surface, indicating their exact position, size, speed and heading, so the place and time of likely impact. Security teams can thus have at their disposal the space and time information for the site security layout.


P. Waquet, CEO, ASV, receiving the award "Trophées de la Sécurité"

Trophées de la Sécurité 2015Trophées de la Sécurité 2015 Médaille Argent

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