Smart Vision at Sea

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  • Sécuriser vos infrastructures en temps réel
  • Protéger la production d’énergie en milieu extrême
  • Réduire les risques d’attaques ou de collisions en mer 24/7
  • ASV, leader mondial de l’analyse vidéo en milieu maritime
  • Provide security for your infrastructures
    in real time

  • Protect energy production
    in extreme environments

  • Reduce the risks of attack or
    collision at sea, 24/7

  • ASV, world leader in video analytics in maritime environments

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The site provides information about the company Automatic Sea Vision.

It is published by Automatic Sea Vision, a joint-stock company with registered capital of €1,502,280, entered in the Companies’ Register of Nanterre under Siret No 434 487 708 00035, having its registered office at 16bis rue Grange Dame Rose, 78 140 Vélizy-Villacoublay, France, telephone number 01 41 15 94 28.

The director of the publication is: Monsieur Philippe WAQUET.

The site is hosted by:

Zzam, represented by Mr Roman Mazzuli, acting in the capacity of Director, duly authorised, having its registered office at 75 rue de la Chaîne, B-4000 Liège (Belgium), registered in the Belgian Official Journal under unique identification number BE0800.734.163.


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The Content includes, in particular, the architecture, graphical identity (including the colours, the font sets and the graphic structure of the screens), and all of the information and elements available on the website, such as, in particular, texts, articles, photographs, illustrations, images, trademarks and logos (such as, in particular, Automatic Sea Vision), data, databases and all audio elements (such as voice, music and sound effects) and static or animated visuals (such as animated graphics or audiovisual sequences), specific software developments and downloadable programs.

The Content is the property of Automatic Sea Vision and its technical partners.

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Any person failing to comply with the applicable legal provisions will be considered as infringing copyright and liable to the criminal penalties provided by law, notwithstanding all other claims that may be lodged by Automatic Sea Vision.


Automatic Sea Vision does not furnish any guarantee whatsoever regarding the Content, and, in particular, any guarantee relating to quality, suitability for any given use, ownership and the absence of infringement of copyright. Furthermore, Automatic Sea Vision cannot accept any liability whatsoever regarding direct or indirect damages, whether consequential or incidental, loss of data or loss of profit, arising from, or associated with, the use or operation of this site and its Content.

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Automatic Sea Vision : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Modification or removal will be implemented at the earliest opportunity and at the latest eight working days after receipt of your request.

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