Smart Vision at Sea

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  • Sécuriser vos infrastructures en temps réel
  • Protéger la production d’énergie en milieu extrême
  • Réduire les risques d’attaques ou de collisions en mer 24/7
  • ASV, leader mondial de l’analyse vidéo en milieu maritime
  • Provide security for your infrastructures
    in real time

  • Protect energy production
    in extreme environments

  • Reduce the risks of attack or
    collision at sea, 24/7

  • ASV, world leader in video analytics in maritime environments

Software solutions for intelligent maritime video surveillance

More than 500 software licences
deployed at sea,
on shore and offshore

Automated detection
of static and mobile targets,
tracking and alert

Technology 100%
dedicated to the
maritime environment

Total reliability 
for complex situations or
difficult conditions

Compatible with all
optical sensors, and
easy to integrate

These ranges describe the wavelengths of the infrared spectrum over which the camera is sensitive and are expressed in microns (µm). Both have their advantages and drawbacks. The 3-5 µm band needs to be cooled, and is therefore more expensive than the 8-12 µm band but provides better detection performance in humid environments, which makes it the preferred option in tropical situations or glacial conditions. Unfortunately, the 3-5 µm band is more sensitive to reflected sunlight.

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Customers and partners

Timeless Technologies introduces ASV in South Africa

> Timeless Technologies introduces ASV in South Africa

Did you know that ASV is the first solution that offers automatic surveillance systems which can detect automatically any boat and / or floating object, in the dark as well as in the daytime?  …

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